St Edyth's Church, Avonleaze, Sea Mills, Bristol BS9 2HU
0117 968 6965

Avonside Mission Area (ASMA)

Following Jesus, Bringing hope

The Avonside Mission Area (ASMA) is a network of five local Anglican Churches serving the North West of Bristol.

We exist to bring about the social, cultural and spiritual transformation of all our communities in partnership with Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We long to see….

    • abundant generosity, joy, humility and blessing – life in all its fullness
    • an end to poverty and injustice
    • healing for the broken, wounded and hurting
    • freedom for the oppressed
    • restoration for the hope-less, needy and lonely
    • those involved in education, health and social care supported, equipped and flourishing
    • all people knowing they are loved, valued and of worth
    • all people finding a place of respect, belonging and acceptance
    • a foundation of prayer underpinning all we do
    • people of all ages coming to faith and living full lives of worship
    • disciples obediently living out and bearing witness to their faith in Christ
    • hearts broken and ablaze with love for God, one another and a needy world
    • the Bible and purposes of God understood
    • growing in the fruit and using the gifts, of the Holy Spirit
    • the development of people’s gifts and a culture of sacrificial service
    • God’s Kingdom come and His will to be done